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Q. Who is our tour guide?
A. Positive feedback from our clients validates our policy of employing local people as guide. Our guides are open-minded, qualified and enthusiastic young people who can accommodate your travel needs and provide you - the traveler, with first-hand knowledge of local history and culture. They are also curious about foreign culture and are keen to engage in cultural exchange with visitors. They are there to make your trip a success.
Q. Are there any extra cost, hidden fee included in the fares?What about tipping?
A. We ensure with you that there are no HIDDEN COSTS, EXTRA FEES. We tell you 1 $, just paying us 1 $...No more.if you are satisfied with your guides,driver & tour leader then a small gratuity is an appropriate way in which to show appreciation,but an amount of around US$ 4 per day should be budgeted for your guides and drivers.Tipping of porters would be extra.
Q. How much for tour deposit you need?
A. Normally we require 50 % for each client. After we get it. we will finalize your booking and send you our firm confirmation.
Q. Can I join in your shared tours?
A. Yes, we not only focus on tours for independent travellers .(small groups or big groups)
Q. What does accommodation like in tours you provided?
A. We committed to bring you the best quality for accommodation you will stay though it's budget or luxury class. There are hundreds of hotels,Guest houses,lodgings and resorts, but we will select the best ones. This is a exclusive difference between us and other travel agents.
Q. Should I use US dollars or change to local currency?
A. Using local during your stay in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and China is highly recommended. You should ask money changers to give you both small and big bills. Please remember, do not change too much. You will find difficulty in changing it back to US dollars after the tour finishes.
Q. Vietnam & Indochina is safe countrys for travellers?
A. Yes, wars were over for many years, we are living in a very peaceful country where you can find smiles always on our people's faces. indochina is listed as the world safest destinations. No earthquake, no terrorism, no volcano eruption.
Q. Can I customize my own itinerary?
A. Our website is just the starting point. If the specified trips are not suitable, or you don't want to follow the same itinerary, we would be happy to come up with a program to suit your travel interests. This service is available to any individual, family or group. We regularly organize tailor-made holidays for families, groups of friends, schools, clubs, societies, associations and special interest groups. We're happy to be of any assistance in planning and making your trip as you've ever wanted it to be!